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SIL Electronic Survey Reports 2010-025

Hongshui He Zhuang dialect intelligibility survey = 红水河流域壮语方言通解度调查

Authors  Castro, Andy
Hansen, Bruce
Huang Dawu

这次壮语红水河土语通解度的调查,是世界少数民族语文研究院东亚部与广西少数民族语言文字工作委员会一起合作完成的。使用红水河土语的壮族大约有250 万。这次调查所用的工具主要是录音话语测试和词汇表比较。此调查显示红水河土语可以分为三种语种。这三种语种的交流中心分别为都安县的高岭镇、兴宾区的迁江镇及象州县的运江镇,而在这三种 语种当中,最能代表红水河土语的是迁江镇的语种。

This intelligibility survey of Zhuang speech varieties spoken in the Hongshui He area of Guangxi was carried out as a cooperative project by SIL East Asia Group and the Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region Minority Language Commission. The Hongshui He region is home to around 2.5 million Zhuang speakers. In conducting the survey, the primary tools used were Recorded Text Tests and wordlist comparisons. The results of this survey show that Hongshui He Zhuang can be divided into three dialects. Proposed centres of communication for each of these dialects are: Gaoling township, Du’an county; Qianjiang township, Xingbin district; and Yunjiang township, Xiangzhou county. Of the three, the most representative of the entire Hongshui He area is Qianjiang.

  Hongshui He Zhuang dialect intelligibility survey = 红水河流域壮语方言通解度调查
Published  2010
Languages  Zhuang, Central Hongshuihe [zch]
Zhuang, Eastern Hongshuihe [zeh]
Zhuang, Liuqian [zlq]
Country  China
Subjects  Language surveys
Keywords  壮语; 红水河土语; 方言学; 社会语言学; dialectology; Hongshuihe dialect; Zhuang; Language surveys