Computing Environment for Linguistic, Literary, and Anthropological Research

CELLAR is an object-oriented database system that is being developed by the Academic Computing Department of SIL to meet the data management needs of our field workers. Two of its special features are the ability to cope simultaneously with data in many languages, and design which separates the conceptual model of a data set from multiple (interchangeable) views for display and encoding formats for import and export. While important aspects of the design were motivated by the needs of linguistic research, the system is fully programmable and can be used to develop text-related (as opposed to number crunching) applications for any discipline. The following resources describe the system more fully:

CELLAR has been under development since 1990. Verson 1.0 was publicly released in September 1996 as part of the product called LinguaLinks. The LinguaLinks Workshops use CELLAR to implement applications for phonological analysis, interlinear text analysis, lexical database management, and other tasks typically performed by field linguists. Although these are packaged as end-user applications in the product, the entire CELLAR programming environment is actually there behind the scenes. Users with a full license to the product have access to the programmiing enviornment. CELLAR is targeted for Windows PCs (with at least 24M memory and a high performance Pentium CPU).

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